I'm coming to get you

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Mysterious Man.jpg

Hello <insert name here>

I'm coming to get you.

Yes, you.

I'm going to your house and then kill the shit out of you.

Then maybe I'll rape your dead rotting corpse.

Who am I?

That's not important, because you'll know my identity, when your on your last breath which is pretty soon.

Where am I?

Let's just say running is useless.

And don't try to lock the doors or shut the windows, because I'll simply break them down.

Now, you're probably thinking of calling the police.

Well too bad for you I cut the phone wires and I'll probably kill you before you can move.

Wanna scream?

No one will hear you because I'll slice your throat before you can make a sound.

Hell, I could smell your fear and sweat.

Why are you doing this you ask?

Because... nevermind, I'm behind you anyway.

Two inches behind you in fact. I'll make this slow and painful.

Say cheese motherfucker!