I've Gone Caliente Loco

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This very famous phrase spoken by the wonderful Crraigey(Craig Ferguson) has been called funking awesome. He has gone caliente loco. If you dial "I've gone Caliente Loco" on the phone a woman will answer. Unless you know her, say "Wrong number" and hang-up. Better known as Mr. Wick, the first man to go Caliente Loco is very famous and respected. Some symptons of being caliente loco are:

1.Having fantisies about Kelly Ripa sucking your toes.

2.Thinking you can't say "I have fantasies about Kelly Ripa sucking my toes" on TV.

3.Confusing "Sting's Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp" with "Sting's Basketball Fantasy Camp".

4.Dialing "I've Gone Caliente Loco" on the phone.

5.Building a shrine to Colin Mochrie.


  • Craig Ferguson built a shrine to Colin Mochrie while Caliente Loco.
  • Gary Coleman has gone caliente loco six times, but he went to rehab.