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A gold fourth Generation iPod.

iPod IV or (Immersion Vision) is the 18th iPod to be released. It was released on July 4, 2076, in commemoration of their 100th Anniversary. This was the first iPod to not have a screen. Instead the first time you turn it on it then scans you for identification then proceeds to connect to the central nerve unit of the brain. After that's done the iPod IV will connect to your eye, mouth, foot, arm, leg, hand and neck sockets. It will then integrate itself with your body and use your blood as a power supply.

It cannot be unhooked when integrated with your body. If you try to disconnect it, you will die. Seriously, if you unhook it, your brain will be so fucked up it won't work anymore. And you need that brain to live surprisingly. The iPod IV is the first iPod to have a Immersive HSTR (Holy SHIT that's real!!!) Technology. It uses your body to interact with games, music, videos, movies, pictures and the iPod Silhouette. Other than that, this player holds 10,000 songs with 5,000 movies and over 100,000 pictures. It has a 500TB drive and was launched in 8 colors.


  • Apple Mac OS X (iPod Edition)

This is a special Mac OS X designed for the iPod IV, This has the same interface but you can now install applications with .dmg and .exe extensions, and it also has the same features as Mac OS X Tyrannosaurus, It also comes with built in iTunes and iKnow, You can also access the internet using the new Apple Mozilla Firefox featuring wireless satellite internet and the ability to hack GMail. But then again, who can't?

  • Immersive Audio

With the new iPod IV, You can now hear sounds as if you were actually there, the iPod IV utilizes your nerve connections to provide a sound experience that Wilson Audio's $150,000/pair Alexandria X2 loudspeakers couldn't top (even though Bose Co. takes the credit). It also has distance and balancing systems to process the sound at extremely high quality.

  • Realistic Graphics

Thanks to the iPod IV, You can now experience graphics as real as the real world itself(you can have sex too), The iPod IV connects to your eyes, brains, penis so you can see, touch and feel everything through the iPod and thanks to the Atin-Vidia ReForce 15050, Everything you see and fuck is as crisp and clear as the real world expansion pack itself. You'll think that you're actually able to do such things as buy bread, except for the fact you don't have any money.

  • Immersion Vision

This is the latest technology made by apple, This hooks up to every part of your body and just like that you can move your hands, feet, legs, arms, and your head in just about every program, You can even go inside the iPod Silhouette and make a movie of yourself dancing.


Evil Hidden Agenda[edit]

The iPod IV is actually a follow-up to the AAAAAAApod, which was spectacularly unpopular because it wouldn't play music, and would just go "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA . . . . " until you either turned it off or killed yourself. Millions who weren't able to figure out how to turn it off committed suicide, leading to a huge class action suit against Apple. In order to settle the lawsuit, Apple created the iPod IV so it could control the minds of humanity and raise an unholy army of mind-controlled zombie sex slaves to pleasure and make coffee and snacks for Apple employees around the world. Switch on day for the slave function is unknown, but every day, it's a getting closer, going faster like a roller coaster, love like yours will, surely come my way, a-hey, a-hey, a-hey-hey . . .