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IQ Test Answers

Note:For use by examiners only.

Shown below are the correct answers to the IQ test, if the entree answers all the questions correctly, they shall receive the perfect score of -3. However, they probably looked at this document first, therefore they are disqualified straightaway.

These answers have to be word-for-word for them to gain a mark.

Mathematical Section[edit]

1. Infinity is usually put as ∞, so you can describe infinity as 00.

2. I have 5 oranges.

3. Okay, done that.

4. I found it. It's near the middle, and the units is "Times New Roman".

5. The percentage error is 0%, the perfection skills that you have would not result in un square paper.

6. 2+2=5. In maths you don't ask why, it just is.

7. Y is the 25th letter in the alphabet, so if you take 100 from 25 you get -75, dividing -75 by 00 would give you the answer of -75.

8. |-----| This much.

9. No. I don't want to, do you know how long I've got to do this test?

10. I have found a marvelous proof for this theorem which I will now write down ... ah! Oh my God! my heart! the pain! *dies*

Reasoning Section[edit]

1. Get the oranges then leave them out in the sun to dry, leaving them rock hard. Use the apples to cut them up into nail shape pieces (leave one orange peel in the shape of a sphere). Collect the apple juice and place into mouth, because of the bacteria in your mouth it will turn the juice into cider. Place the orange "nails" into the orange peel sphere with the cider. Then all you have to do is ignite.

2. Ok I've done it. But, I can't prove it, just like the Bible can't prove the miracles of Jesus.

3. I've done that one also, it took some work, but I got there in the end.

4. About 45mins.

5. They are both apple juice intolerant.

6. I already did it and I'm retaking the test right now.

7. I think I need a doctor.

8. They are made of ham.

9. 00 to get to the black hole inside tootsie pops--27 to get to center of dum-dums

10. No, you're lying!

Scientific Section[edit]

1. Does it really matter?


3. There --> .

4. ~~

5. Why don't you do it, if you're so clever.

6. .

7. Its clear.

8. Light is actually made out of urine and vodka.

9. Neutron.

10. Say, "Every god is an idiot" and notice how you won't get killed.

Linguistic Section[edit]

1. There.

2. What was the first one again? (repeat until examiner loses interest)

3. ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM. Do you know how I got the word? Well I just knew you would give me that one.

4. Basically... There.

5. I believe it's right about here-UI9ER . Page 94 for your Catcher In The Rye quote.

6. Ok, I mailed it and killed myself two hours before post is delivered.

7. I tried and failed.

8. I tried and failed.

9. Ok done, next question. Expect them to attack back.

10. They shouldn't answer this question, they should be building their bunker to protect themselves from the war that is about to start.

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