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{{{1985's AAAAAA!}}}
1985's AAAAAA!
Year 1985
Album Number 1
Copies Sold 8 1/2
Master of Drunkards
{{{1987's Master Of Drunkards}}}
1987's Master Of Drunkards
Year 1987
Album Number 2
Copies Sold 7
The Propaganda Album
{{{1989's The Propaganda Album}}}
1989's The Propaganda Album
Year 1989
Album Number 3
Copies Sold 3
Most Forgettable Hits
{{{1992's Most Forgettable Hits}}}
1992's Most Forgettable Hits
Year 1992
Album Number 4
Copies Sold 77,563,673
We Made This Album...
{{{2006's We Made This Album Because George and Fred Needed Money}}}
2006's We Made This Album Because George & Fred Needed Money
Year 2006
Album Number 5
Copies Sold 17
We Are Not A Gang (Really)
{{{2007's We Are Not A Gang (Really)}}}
2007's We Are Not A Gang (Really)
Yet to be released
Year 2007
Album Number 6
Copies Sold None
Black House
{{{The unreleased Black House)}}}
Black House
Year -
Album Number -
Copies Sold -