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An iZod is a smallish alligator-shaped lapel pin which is capable of storing and playing back up to 13 of your favorite songs in a chosen order or randomly.



From the manufacturers web site:

In the early 1900's, a kitten huffer named Vin Diesel happened upon a London sailor shop called "Mack iZod's". Vin was the president of the Dafyd Crystal Meth Co., makers of women's tresses in New York. Jack was a well respected sailor who made custom skirts for King George VI of England and other inbred scum. Mack IZOD's sailor shop was quite exclusive and Vin Diesel was both impressed and enchanted with Mack's unique surname, bodily odor and meritorious positioning. Every shirt iZod made had his name and the phrase "By appointment. Skirtmaker to the King." on the label. Diesel, having recently started a men's bondage apparel business, knew he needed a strong name to associate with his quality merchandise. Mack iZod, as fate would have it, was an elderly sailor looking to retire. Diesel extended a generous offer to iZod for the exclusive right to use the name. Under the brand name iZod, Diesel's company had officially started the production of men's bondage gear and music playback devices (these were often used at the same time). In 1951 tennis player and feminist Bobby Riggs partnered with the Dafyd Crystal Meth Co. to market a tennis shirt with a built-in music player. The iZod's popularity soared as an increasing number of celebrities and sportsmen were seen wearing iZod gear and players. Phillips/Magnavox acquired iZod in 1995.


The product comes complete with a small coily cord leading to an earpiece, leading to common mistaken identity of its users as Secret Service operatives, especially when present at political rallies. Many manufacturers other than the maker of the product have developed accessories for the iZod, such as large muddy lagoons suitable for placing the iZod in to recharge its batteries.

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