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“I can't believe it's not Tamia

In 2005, after many Atheist Extremist attempts to overthrow the already established American Theocracy, the Religious Right decided to make a new campaign slogan to boost morale among their supporters, so they began a nation wide search, then one day, while shopping at the supermarket, one of George W. Bush's servants found the answer to all their problems. A simple slogan, which perfectly mixed the Religious tradition of self-rightousness and modern Pop-Cultural references, it was perfect.

It's Unveiling[edit]

Just a week after the idea was first brought up as a viable option, the Republican Party unveiled their latest brilliant idea to the world, it was a tremendous success.

Why Was It Successful?[edit]

Analysts today believe that its blunt nature is what was the key to it's phenomenal success. Little was left to be doubted about the exact nature of the Republican Party's view on religion and atheism, today it is considered one of most successful political campaign's since the Domocratic party's Ehhh!ducation which was used to support the No Minorities Left Behind Act.

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