I hate Admins

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lol heres the noobey shiet
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Everyone agrees the Admins there gay and evil and shit and they can suck my balls and

Fuck ChiefjusticeDS[edit]

Main Article: Fuck ChiefjusticeDS

he pretends to be a zombie but i think he is just a gay guy who fucks his ma

This is th worst because he onse banned me for no resun! lol i hope he dies because he is a stupidest user ever and he bannd me and i feel violated because hes gay and hes a meany becuz i fukin make good articles but he keeps bothering me about howtobefunnyandnotjuststupid well fuk that ill vandalize his bumbum lololol.

Fuck Zombiebaron[edit]

Main Article: User:Roman Dog Bird/Very very very pissed off at zombiebaron

user is under user because he is under my shitter

the guys a fucking nerd and he sucks because he deleted my pag!!!!1 he is teh gay lord and hes been here for 5 years and that doesnt mean he is cool it only mens he is shitty nerdy poo-poo and he ucks eggs and

Fuck Under User[edit]

Main Article: Fuck Under user

What kind of shit is this? WORST.USERNAME.EVAR lol. he fucks because he is a cabal because he knowes Some other gay Admin and he probaly doesnt have any work and he has no life like everyone else becaus he is gay and

Fuck Mordillo[edit]

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Fuck Roman Dog Bir -[edit]


(Block log) . . Modusoperandi (Talk | contribs) blocked adminsfuckingsuck (Talk) with an expiry time of infinity