Icelandic LSD society

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The Icelandic LSD society was founded by students of the school FVA currently lead by Remolaði it's main objective is to send out idiotic statments to the publict in there attempt to cause a mass-brain-meltdown for the sake of world domination, some members have miraculously realized that this plan is absolutely insane. It would be pointless to rule a world full of vegetables and have decided to form the ÍLÞ. The current members of the Icelandic LSD society are Bimmi, Muuuu, Remolaði and Gúbbífiskur the ranking system is the most advanced to date, it has a total of four ranks, Idiot 1, Idiot 2, Idiot 3 and Idiot 4. The Icelandic LSD society currently rules Iceland from the shadows. Their next assault target are the United Spades of Amerika