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Illuminati Productions was founded in 2003 with no other purpose than for a bunch of Star Wars nerds to put a production company title at the beginning of their fanfilm.

The Beginning: Perception[edit]


The film, named Perception, took over a year to plan. A few failed attempts at filming scenes quickly let the crew of Illuminati Productions realize that they needed to be more professional about things. They were afraid that their fanfilm would look like so many other pieces of crap out there. Poor acting, campy dialogue, painfully bad effects. Illuminati Productions would tolerate none of this. So rather than filming in front of a wrinkly greenscreen in a basement or garage, in 2004 they got permission to use their former high school's gymnasium for two days in the last week of summer. Now, they were thinking like professionals. Two days later, they realized that they accidentally taped over about half of their footage. Perception died a horrible death, and the cast and crew all left for college.

For a video documentary of what was just described, go here.

The Resurrection: Perception Returns[edit]

While enjoying their first year in college, the crew of Ill-Pro still suffered from naive hope. They regularly corresponded over the phone about their plans to complete their movie. They agreed that they had to kick things up a notch. Their first attempt was sloppy and poorly planned. But this time they had experienced defeat once before, and knew what not to do for their second shot at success. And so, in 2005, they got permission to use their old high school’s gymnasium for five days in the last week of summer before college started again. No more trying to film in a mere two days. They had a whole working week to film their near feature length movie...They failed again. But for many reasons this time.

For a video documentary of what was just described, go here.

The Afterlife: Death Shall Set Me Free[edit]


Though the crew of Ill-Pro claimed that they were going to keep working on the movie, they never made another attempt to even plan for filming again. Instead they moved on to other things such as writing and video journaling. Instead of Perception being the main focus of their lives, a new project rose to power: blank_mickey. Blank_mickey is the name of the video blog belonging to Illuminati Productions' founder. After failing twice at trying to film a scripted movie, and having two humorous documentaries as a result, the crew of Ill-Pro felt that, at least for now, it would be best to focus on the interesting things of everyday life. So rather than trying their hand at acting, Ill-Pro is currently focusing on deliberately not acting, as not to corrupt the purity of blank_mickey by behaving differently when the camera is on.

The Big Chill: Unafraid of Failure[edit]

With a more relaxed attitude, Illuminati Productions was able to accomplish more. Their articles page has grown from a meager two entries to a whopping twelve! They even finished Perception, but not in the medium they thought they would. They tried to film another movie and got closer to success than they ever had. The only thing that stopped them was that the camera was stolen. And so the crew at Illuminati Productions has learned that sometimes failure can lead to more failure until eventually you end up with such a big ball of failure. And that ball of failure qualifies a schadenfreude. And schadenfreude could someday, maybe, remotely lead to success...or maybe just more failure.

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