Imaginary pet

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Artist rendering of an Imaginary Pet

In their natural habitat Imaginary Pets are reclusive and mostly harmless. They can however be summoned by a wizard and used as a level two illusion familiar. They have standard animal inelegance and are chaotic neutral but have been known to learn human languages.

Powers and Abilities[edit]


Normally an Imaginary Pet is invisible, intangible and formless. When summoned however an Imaginary Pet is only invisible and intangible. Being intangible the Imaginary Pet cannot normally influence the physical world, but in the hands of a powerful wizard it can act as a level one semi-sentient telekinesis spell.


As noted above a summoned Imaginary Pet is not formless but shapes itself into a form the human mind can comprehend. This form is most commonly a 6'3 1/2" rabbit, a pair of tennis shoes, or a human child.


The Imaginary Pet has the ability to teleport back to its home plain instantaneously. It does this whenever it senses danger or is over fifteen feet away from the controlling wizard.

Eating Habits[edit]

Imaginary Pets can eat any type of imaginary food. They are omnivores and cannibals and Imaginary Pet hunting is a common sport in imaginary land.