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In 3-D is the eighth studio album by The Remington Steelers and the first to feature new drummer Kay Panabaker (although Bermuda Schwartz recorded his drum parts for a track on this album back when he was the new drummer). It is their fourth album overall to include a Parental Advisory label and the third to have the label printed onto the artwork. A clean version is available.


Right after Kay Panabaker became the new drummer, she was introduced at a special concert at the Troubadour Club in Los Angeles, California. After the concert, the band started recording the 9 tracks on this album that hadn't been recorded yet, and groupie Anna Popplewell helped triple-track "Hare hare yukai" with Emma Watson and Kay and did the lead vocals for "Koi no Mikuru densetsu" as well as backing vocals for "Bouken deshou deshou?", a track that Emma did the lead vocals for. This is the only studio album where a groupie helped with the vocals.

Two tracks had to be edited for the clean version: "Dust N' Bones", which contained one "F" word, and "Reckless Life", which opened with Daniel Radcliffe yelling, "Hey fuckers, suck on Guns N Fucking Roses!" The "F" word in "Dust N' Bones" became "frigging", while Daniel's line in "Reckless Life" became "Hey mothers, suck on Guns N Bloody Roses!" The clean version was the only version available in Walmart and K-Mart stores as well as some conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia.


The front cover showed the entire band in an urban area wearing 3-D glasses. The title is shown in grafitti on the brick wall behind them. On the explicit version, the Parental Advisory label is printed in the bottom-left corner. Anaglyphic 3-D glasses were included with the album, whether vinyl, cassette, or CD. The entirety of the artwork and photos in the liner notes, which like last time included the lyrics and production credits, are in anaglyphic 3-D. The quote of the album is "This fire is burning, and it's out of control; it's not a problem you can stop. IT'S ROCK N ROLL!" (yes, the last four words if you count "n" are in all caps.)

Track listing[edit]

Side R[edit]

# Title Length Original writers
1 "Dust N' Bones" 4:58 Saul Hudson, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan
2 "Rocket Queen" 6:15 W. Axl Rose, Saul Hudson, Izzy Stradlin
3 "Reckless Life" 3:21 Saul Hudson, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan
4 "Hare hare yukai" 3:30 Aki Hata, Tomokazu Toshiro
5 "Koi no Mikuru densetsu" 3:52 (12" LP)
4:50 (cassette and CD)
Satoru Kousaki

Side S[edit]

# Title Length Original writers
6 "Bouken deshou deshou?" 4:55 Aki Hata, Akiko Tomita
7 "Another One Bites the Dust" 3:36 John Deacon
8 "Jack and Diane" 4:16 John Mellencamp
9 "Every Breath You Take" 4:14 Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
10 "Centerfield" 3:53 John Fogerty



Rupert Grint - lead vocals (3, 7, 8, 10), backing vocals (1), keyboards (9), percussion (10), lead guitar (1, 3), and rhythm guitar (5, 6)
Emma Watson - lead vocals (2, 4, 6), backing vocals (1, 6), keyboards (1), synths (4, 9), organ (10), percussion (10), lead guitar (2, 4-9), and rhythm guitar (1, 3)
Daniel Radcliffe - lead vocals (1, 9), backing vocals (3, 10), and bass (1-3, 7-10)
Kay Panabaker - lead vocals (4), backing vocals (6), and drums (1, 3-10)
Bermuda Schwartz - drums (2)
Anna Popplewell - lead vocals (4, 5) and backing vocals (6)
Duff McKagan - bass (4-6)
Izzy Stradlin - rhythm guitar (2)


Moby - producer and engineer
Bill Price - mixer
Bob Clearmountain - mixer
Emma Watson - mixer
Gene Kirkland - photography
Ed Goodreau - assistant engineer
John Aguto - assistant engineer
Mike Douglass - assistant engineer
Buzz Burrowes - assistant engineer
Chris Puram - assistant engineer
Leon Ganado - assistant engineer
Jason Roberts - assistant engineer
Craig Portelis - assistant engineer
L. Stu Young - assistant engineer
George Marino - master