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Bomb.png Somebody set up us the bomb.
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Warning!: This page is intended to be read by mathematicians. Mathematicians lead very dull lives, and so are easily amused. If you are not a mathematician, reading this page may lead to serious life-risking consquences such as boredom.

An Infinity Bomb is the most powerful explosive known to mathematicians. Because of this, it is currently being researched by several terrorist organisations, such as Al Qaeda, those Damn Fundamentalist Christians, Fox News and liberal terrorists.


An Infinity Bomb is created by dividing by zero. This will cause an explosion that will wreck irretrievable destruction and cause the world to enter into a state of lawlessness in which anything is possible.

For further details, see How to Divide by Zero.

Infinity Events[edit]

Explosions of Infinity Bombs (known as 'Infinity Events') have been triggered by stupid schoolchildren who didn't listen to their teachers. In such inexperienced hands the fallout from the events was small, usually backfiring on the perpetrator causing him/her to momentarily feel clever as they have invented a method of proving that 1 = 2, but subsequently crying when the teacher points out what a complete fool the student is.

As a result of the threat created by such an awsome weapon, calculators and writing instruments are banned on airplanes. It was recently discovered that terrorists planned to use their fingers and liquid smuggled onto flights to write an equation midflight that involved a division by zero, resulting in an Infinity Event. In response to this, liquids were also banned from flights. Critics, however, point out that until fingers are also banned, the threat remains.


Apart from explosion-related events, Infinity Bombs can also result in:

  • parallel lines meeting (hence are a useful weapon for destroying trains)
  • 1 equalling 2 (see above)
  • in fact, all finite numbers approaching equality ('cause they can)
  • things becoming EXACTLY equal in temperature
  • trigonometric functions, er, still doing that periodic thing they do
  • and black holes being described in terms of quantum mechanics and general relativity

Naturally, these are pretty screwy, though, admittedly, less screwy than the universe unravelling.

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