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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Insanity?

Insanity was a channel located in the far away galaxy of the RandomStudios IRC Server, which has since become #lobby at InsanityIRC. To get there, take a left turn at the Andromeda Galaxy, and follow one of the white dots in the big black thing, that you _should_ be able to see. Insanity is also a great place to have "fun", but this normally involves typing things out. The channel has many regular users, some who are insane, and some who are smelly, but also insane.

Regular Users[edit]

Here's a list of the people who regularly visit the channel, and some statistits about those people:

  • KN: Owner and pwntage expert. 154 years old.
  • Haz: KN's pwntage apprentice. A small, and failed, experiment that was attempted by two scientists, back in the 00's. 143 years old.
  • Jalba: Resident perv. Smells. 135 years old.
  • Potter: Oldest of the group. Wisest of all geeks. Has two (rather tasty) cats. Age: 589 years old.
  • Marc: Owner of RSIRC. Gives advice to poor people. Known to have smell-spasms. Age: 141 years old.
  • Brian_S: Anonymous user, is known to have smiley seizures. Age: Physical: 100 years old. Mental: -7 years old.
  • Scotty_b: I like shiny things, hehe. I once took a ride in the dryer when I was little. Now mommy says that I'm special! Age: 111 years old.

Random Visitors[edit]

These are people from somewhere in another galaxy, far, far away, who decided to visit the luxurious luxury that is Insanity.

  • Kristen: Of unknown gender. Smells incredibly badly, thought to have had sex with Jalba. Age: Rumoured to be 1562.
  • NK: The evil, and opposite duplicate of KN. Is white, and doesn't do coke. Age: Opposite of KN's, however that works out.
  • Anonymous: N/A. Age: N/A.
  • Jake: Homeless person who wandered in one day. Age: 2 years old.
  • Razzy: Haz's sexfriend. Age: 101 years old.

Celebrity Visitors[edit]

No matter what the 3 major religions say, Insanity has actually had several celebrity visitors.

  • George Bush: Visited Insanity during the reign of Hurricane Katrina. Asked for some political advice, we told him to seek the advice of the sacred pineapple, somewhere in PineappleLand. Never heard from since.
  • Your mother: She visited, asking for some Your Mum jokes, we gave her two, but she timed out. :(
  • Julie: The one and only Julie Henderson visited Insanity once. Famous quote: <Julie> it's big enough Age: A very sexy age.

Initiation Procedures[edit]

To join, a user must complete 15 hours of intense cyber-whipping and cyber-bondage. Here's an example of what happened to one of the potential Insanity'ers

 <johnthemac> Okay, I can do this!
 <KN> lets see about that
 <KN> haz, get ready
 <Haz> kay.
 * KN whips johnthemac
 <johnthemac> OW
 * Haz chains johnthemac against the wall
 <KN> told you you couldn't take it ;>
 <johnthemac> YES I CAN
 * KN whips johnthemac
 <johnthemac> SEE, I CAN TAKE IT!
 * KN whips johnthemac
 * Haz whips johnthemac
 * johnthemac has quit (Ping timeout)
 <KN> awww


Insanity is famous for being the world leader in pwntage skillz. KN (Ken Jones) currently holds the record for most pwnting pwntage, accomplished on Sunday, April 23, 2006. This day was declared "National Pwntage Day" in honor of the event.

This record has since been broken by KN.


Insanity is also home of many funny geeks. Insanityers are graded by the "Levels of LOL". Here are the unofficial records for LOLage.

  • KN - Level 200
  • KN - Level 50 (done several times)
  • Haz - Level 40
  • Haz - Level 30 (done several times)