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The International Society of Procrastinators (or ISP for short) doesn't officially exist seeing as the creators are, by definition, somewhat poor at making any sort of decision or commitment. However, they are still able to hold regular meetings by forming an partnership with the Association of Organisers and Event Managers whose main activity is holding meetings which have absolutely no participants. This "marriage made in heaven" was the brainchild of Peter D Sellotape, President of the Daventry Chapter of Procrastinators UK. He has since been relieved of his duties due to breach of article 21.2.3 which clearly states -

  • No member will, knowingly, or in collusion with non-members, make a decision of will, which results in an action, or threat of action, to be taken by the member himself, fellow members or members of related chapters or associations. All members are reminded that it is their duty to avoid any form of dynamism, quick wittedness, decisiveness, or conclusion to any thought process which results in decisions which are contrary to the nature of procrastination. If there is any doubt in any members mind about such matters, they are urged to think things through again, thoroughly. For assistance and further confused thinking advice, members are encouraged to call the "procrastination help line" where a trained mentor will be able to offer no advice whatsoever.

However, when he finally got around to appeal, his firing was reversed, since, naturally, the By Laws had never officially been adopted. (In fact, since the court of appeals had never been named, this remains a provisional ruling.)


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One accomplishment of note of the Society is publishing an incredibly accurate set of predictions. However, the last available year for which predictions are recorded is apparently 1995. Later years were done, usually by February or March of the following year, but apparently nobody got around to establishing a permanent archive.


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