Interstate 15

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Interstate 15
Part of the Jerry Seinfeld Interstate Highway System
Length: Whatever your gambling debts were last year.
Form: Snowy Sand
South End: Interstate8.PNG I-8, in Sand Ego.
Major Junctions: Interstate10.PNG I-10, in Ontario, California.
North End: Some road in Canada.

15 doesn't redirect here. For the movie, see Citizen Kong.

Interstate 15 is the fourth-longest of the four longest interstates in the south-eastern portion Arizona in the United States of America. This interstate travels through the states of Alberta, Idaho, Yoo-Tah, Arizona, the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. It also travels through California, but nobody can use it as its used for a parking lot by local Wal Marts and huge department stores in the area. Since it travels through the Mojave desert, water is scarce and AAA can't help your sorry rear end.

There are a total of 470 exits along the I-15, only 1 of which is an authorized exit, the rest were created by frustrated commuters.

Route Description[edit]

The highway's (wait, I thought this was an Interstate? Stupid dictionary...) southern terminus is in Sand Ego, California near the Interstate 8. Recent efforts by motorists have brought forth the issue of connecting the southern terminus of the Interstate-15 with the Interstate 5, thus confusing Mexicans to travel to Canada rather than remaining in the United States.

Old Town California[edit]

In such a lovely place, the Interstate follows along the same route of seven other highways (but who uses those?), so the Interstate is always congested with soccer moms and tractor trailers with busted tires. Through most of the route, high-voltage power lines follow the Interstate, making the route an excellent one for those with electric cars.

Power cord and plug not included. Results may vary. Consult your manual for hooking your vehicle into a completely unresisted power line.

State Law[edit]

Illegal definition of Route 15:

315. Route 15 is from:
(a) Route 15 in Sand Ego to Route 15.
(b) Route 15 to the Route 14 state line near Route 13, Route 14 via the vicinity of Route 16, Route 15.5, Route 14.5, Route 16, and Route 15.
Interouteway 15 is totally part of the Boring Highway System, as stated by section ╬ of the California State Highway Code.


The Interstate 15 goes to Las Vegas...and that's the only thing about this Interstate that people could care about.


It's sand...lots and lots and lots (dare I continue?) of sand.


Just like the good state of California, the Interstate corresponds with a number of highways in the state, making it absolutely redundant and useful at the same time. Unlike Arizona, this state is full of pit stops along the Interstate, thus it is actually useful and interesting. Most of the highway is winding due to mountains, except for two of them, which the interstate goes right through, thanks to work by a union of Sasquatches and Wookies. We salute you!

Yoo-Tah-Lah Defining Highway - The Yoo-Tah paper laws defining Interstate 15 is under Yoo-Tah Code Annotated $724,107.5. Now pay up.


Sure, it's more interesting than the Arizona section, but it's just not the same as Yoo-Tah. This is what you get for not paying your taxes.


For the last sections of the Interstate, the highway goes through Butte, Helenus, and The Great Falls, intersecting with Interstate 90, Interstate 115, and Interstate 315, all at the same time, so unless you've had experience with super-roundabouts in England, don't even try going near here, unless you plan to spend hours going in endless circles. Nonetheless, if you do, a 7-11 is located in the middle of the area.

After you get out of the roundabout, you'll arrive in Canada, so be prepared for the lax border crossing.


  • Transportation committee wanted us to note about some 'Managed Lane Projects'. What they don't know is that we can't read their minds!
  • During the time it was built, the section of Interstate approaching Las Vegas was the most expensive to build, as obsessive gamblers forced construction works to have it done within one night, complete with lights, ramps, road lines, signage and gold rumble strips.
  • The sign for Zzyzx is visible along here, though it's usually covered in sand, and is a major landmark. It's a freaking sign, who cares?!
  • The eastern section of the Interstate 215 was renamed Interstate 415, but only road nerds would notice.
  • If you take this Interstate north from Sand Ego to Alberta, then take Alberta Route 1 to Saskatchewan Route 24, then to Route 2, to Manitoba Route 89, take Main Street through Winnipeg, then continue on Route 76 into Ontario, on Highway 38, to the Highway 400, Toronto can be reached.

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