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Iowa State University is a something-grant university in Ames, Iowa, a western suburb of Chicago.

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The university offers a number of educational programs, most notably

  • Being superior to the University of Iowa where most of the students are gay or bi-curious.
  • People who like ISU either attended the university or have had family members attend. People who like the Hawkeyes have no idea why, except that they want to actually try to be successful and become cool; then they attend the University of Iowa just because they like the football team, but don't get a degree either because they become even more worthless or get flooded out.


Ames, Iowa is home to a majority minority population. Eskimos make up the largest segment with 78% followed by Chinese Hispanic non islanders with 43%.


The university has a number of sports teams, few of which are any good. Baseball was played at Iowa State until 2001 then they decided no one cares about baseball so began focusing more of their attention to owning at other sports.


Looking forward to their yearly football game against their eastern Iowa rival and generally giving up on the rest of the season. The wrestling team, which also doubles as the cauliflower suppliers for the cafeteria dining centers has been a top program for over half a century.