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The famous Iranian singer Charles Aznavour.

The Iranians were discovered by George W Bush in January 5th 2006. Iranians mostly occupy the city of Los Angeles, London, Paris (Hilton), Beverly Hills


There are huge controversy over the origin or Iranians. G.W. Bush was perhaps the first one who discovered and described Iranians in details. In his monograph, Bush described a homosapiens called Ahmadi-nejad (means of Ahmadi race). The issue is however disputed as there is a colony in LA who claim that they are of Iranian descent. Perhaps new advancements in molecular genetics will shed light on the problem. No matter what the origin of Iranians is, they enjoy having a president who is always in the news.


Apart from Ahmadinejad who lives in the middle east, Iranians mainly live in Tehrangeles (local name for Los Angeles)Beverliranian Hills (Beverly Hills) Ayatolondon (local name for London). They normally do not have Iranian passports and need to apply for a visa to visit Iran. There is much heated debate over the origins of the beings, similar to that of evolution Vrs. Creationism. It is believed they evolved from plaid picnic blankets, and to pay tribute to there old selves wear rag-like cloths on their heads that resemble there former selves. It is not tuely known where exactly on earth they first gathered, or where their current habitat is. However George W. Bush's administration is currently worried that the Iranian Iraq-Iran migratory patterns could very well lead to their extinction.

Ahmadinejad is also considered himself a sub species of an ape which existed millions of years ago, he was only taught how to walk and talk like a man during his upbringing by an Iranian family.

All of them boys looks like Aladdin.

Nuclear Ambitions[edit]

Iranians are currently exercising nuclear ambitions. In this exercise, the participants head is turned upward while a sample of enriched uranium is placed in the participant's mouth. The excercize continues until 80 participants are full of enriched uranium. They are subsequently equipped with detonation devices and are sent across the universe for work. The main red button for detonation resides within the office of Duke Nukem.

Famous Iranians[edit]