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"Ish" is a neologism/euphemism that is the equivalent of the word shit.

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The term was derived from rappers who speak backwards like freakin' morons this way they can curse without being condemned for it. The term was first coined by a famous rapper Eminem who in a song stated, "...Whatchyou gonna do when ish hits the fan? Are you gonna stand and fight like a man..." The original explicit version of the song obviously used the word shit, however as a way of censoring the song for the radio, Eminem decided to speak backwards rather than blank out the word by scratching a record like he usually does. Since its public use, impressionable preteens all across the country began to use this new word as a way of outsmarting their parents.

Examples of usage include:

  • Dad, you are so full of ish
  • What the ... holy ish
  • Mom, this dinner really tastes like ish

Modern Use[edit]

Since the word became publically known, parents began to catch on to what their kids were actually saying. As a result, even the euphemism ish is now considered to be a vulgarity. This is best demonstrated by a phenomenon known as America's Way Of Destroying The English Language (AWDEL), which accurately shows how uptight parents limit the words that can be used in general conversation. For example, here is the evolution of the word ish:

  • shit -> crap -> crud -> ish -> poop

As one can see, the word ish is now considered to be a level 2 word offender, even though it has not been known to harm any children.