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It Consumes and their first hit album Wanking & Dreaming.

It Consumes is a folk music group from Wyoming.


During 1960s, Wyoming was the scene for disco and hip hop, and normal folk music was derided and ridiculed. Arun Nynose, a local unemployed mandolin and bass flute player living in his parents basement, decided to do something about this.

He first recruited his friend and 3-string guitar player Blake, who was a part time quality control inspector at the Laramie Sewage Control District, whom he'd been in a band in second grade with, called Booger Pistols. Blake brought in Tony Bone, a sign-language lead singer who was a $1 a day gigolo. Together they formed "It Ate My Lunch".

After 7 years of screwing around, they decided they sucked, so they recruited Swedish pop legend Nikoli Likoli through a misunderstanding involving french fries and a Mazda. After some debate they reformed as "It Eats", later "It Bites", "It bites", and finally "It consumes".

Oh, and some groupie named Crazy Sara slept her way into the band.

Folk Revival[edit]

They are credited with instingating the Wyoming Folk Renaissance of 1970, and inspiring bands such as "Dingoes ate my Stash" and "Tunalick Fringe".


  • Love and other Itches (1971)
  • Wanking & Dreaming (1987)
  • Drinking & Wizzing (1987)
  • Fishing for Fish (1989)
  • I Got The Power Of Jesus In My Tractor (1991)

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