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JFKlue is a fun variant of the game Clue that can be played by any number of players, ranging from one to the entire world population. Any age can play, but it is recommended that players, regardless of age have, at a minimum, an at least rudimentary understanding of some language, and the concept of murder.

Oliver Stone, the world's most famous JFKlue-er

Some Differences from Clue[edit]

While most versions of Clue keep the stale old "figure out who killed the random guy in some mansion" format, JFKlue is special, since it concerns who bumped off the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

The most amazing thing is that players don't even need a copy of the game to play! All they have to do is say aloud who they think was responsible, where they were when they committed the murder, why they did the dastardly deed, and what the murder weapon was.

For extra credit, players can even make a major motion picture about their ideas, write books of varying levels of scholarship, or just write rants on the internet or local bathroom (wait, that's a euphenism, ok, "pissing and shitting room") wall.

A screenshot of the brand-spanking new JFKlue video game, just in time for father's day.

The addition of motive[edit]

A major, commonly recognized flaw of the original Clue game is the absence of motive as a part of the guessing. The game has no interest in why Mr. Boddy was killed.

In contrast, in JFKlue, motive is the most important part of the game! Have fun trying to match your peculiar political agenda to the reason for the murder! For instance, against the Vietnam war? Claim that the deed was done to prevent Kennedy from not escalating the war! It's unprovable either way, and it make the government you hate so much (since you are a pinko commie socialist who sleeps with a blowup doll of Lenin) look bad!

Now, could you do that with boring old ordinary Clue? I don't think so! So remember, next time you're looking for board gamey fun, JFKlue is your best value! "Remember, You Don't Even Need To Buy The Game To Play!"(tm)

Other versions[edit]

LINKlue, a similar game focusing on the 16th president of the United States, is reportedly in development.