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About Jackson's Adventure[edit]

Jackson's Adventure was a Role Playing video game released on the PC in 1996. The game was about four famous Jacksons, Reggie Jackson, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson and Andrew Jackson. However, the game received a lot of negative attention due to the glitches and bugs in this, but nobody cares. Special attacks can be executed when a special gauge reaches 100%. (sometimes the gauge gets screwed up and either depletes or goes to 100% immediately)

The main character is Reggie, a former professional baseball player. He wants to become a typical RPG hero, but fails miserably. He is basically a smarter Lloyd and more talkative than Cloud, but he uses a baseball bat as his main weapon. Your goal is to cleanse the United Spades of Amerika of Tony La Russa's army.


Reggie Jackson - he hails from Oakland, and you must guide him to saving the world from the evil Larry King. He is good in offense and defense, but slow in speed. His special attack is one of the many weapons in that list that should be in this game.

Jesse Jackson - left-wing liberal that wants people to understand what "thah proclahmation" means and wants America to understand freedom his way. He is well-rounded, and has cool spells that damage enemies. Jesse's friend, Al Sharpton, has been kidnapped and he embarks his journey with Reggie when he gets to Mobile, Alabama. His special attack is screaming AAAAAAAAA! He uses a polearm as his weapon of choice.

Michael Jackson - a scary noseless man. His skin color changed from an unknown mutation, and he's on hot pursuit of his longtime nemesis, Macaulay Culkin. He is known to break dance to his infamous songs from the early 1960s. His special attack is making mincemeat of his foes by break dancing to scare them. He has high offense and speed, but lacking in defense. His main weapons are claws. Find him in Los Angeles a bit later on in the game.

Andrew Jackson - former President of the United States that has been reincarnated. He probably died in the 19th Century, but a mad scientist revived him. He may be the best character in the game. His nemesis is not known, as he should thank his lucky stars for. Andrew takes on his foes with a pistol, which can be upgraded in the journey. His sage is the legendary Goa Tse, who provides hints during the game when you're lost.

Hidden Characters[edit]

Characters that are hidden in the game.

  • Bo Jackson - Bo Knows how great of a character this one is! Great stats across the board, and his normal physical attack (ramming), due to a bug, can cause 65,535 damage! It's funny, as it can defeat the Final Boss in two hits. Shoulder pads are his weapon.
  • Stephen Jackson - a rare character who plays on the Indiana Pacers.


Here are the final bosses you face in the end of the game. I just skipped to the end because nobody has gotten past St. Louis due to the many glitches:

  • Oprah - a gargantuan woman that eats junk food all the time. Just let Andrew fire away and let Michael dance to Moonwalker to destroy her. Her favorite food is Krispy Kremes, but let's feed her instead explosives. HINT: Hack the game using NotePad and enter Insert title here to activate the cheat menu.
  • Fred Phelps - GOD HATES _____! Make him hate himself by letting Reggie hit a grand slam off of him. HINT: Using Microsoft ScanDisc when playing this game somehow makes him a bit slower to attack, and even missing his turns!
  • Tony La Russa - the real final boss in the game. He goes in two forms: first, his evil self, then his second: Mage Russarias. It is impossible to beat Darth Cannibal because his Blue Screen of Death attack really caused Windows 95 to restart on its own, causing players to restart from the first final boss.

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