James Clerk Maxwell

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James Clerk Maxwell (1727-1879) is the earliest known mad scientist in world history; he is notable for having a nice beard. Maxwell is credited with the creation of the atomic light bulb, which was dubbed the "Second Sun." The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, was enraged by this so she punished James Clerk Maxwell by blinding him and binding his legs to a trough. Maxwell found a way around this by inventing magic sunglasses. His brand of sunglasses soon became popular among people living in the Matrix because they made even the dorkiest geek cool instantly.

Maxwell's next accomplishment was the discovery of magenta. He successfully proved that a link exists between magenta electrons and magnetic currents caused by a disturbance in the Force. After a few centuries reading comics and eating Spam, he created a serious of famous equations carefully designed to be hopefully confusing to everyone but the most insane people. These equations got him a Nobel Prize in 1852, which he subsequently lost in a skiing accident.

He briefly had a set-to, with the now famous scientist Euan Metz. But he didn't like to acknowledge this much.

The events leading to Maxwell's mysterious disappearance started in 1870 when the Weekly World News announced that Jimmy Carter was a way cooler scientist than Maxwell. This set Maxwell into such a fury that he challenged Carter to a duel in O.K. Corral. The two men faced each other at high noon, each one with a fully loaded Nerf gun. Both men walked twelve paces then turned around to shoot each other. Carter's gun caused a rift in the space-time continuum which suddenly pulled Maxwell in. This lead to a great downfull in Carter's popularity and is believed to have contributed to his failure to win the 1980 election for United States President.