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Please note that Jean is a fictional character created for the humor of the Emo Hitler page, so read on and enjoy the hilarious story of Emo Hitler's wife.

Jean's Musical Career[edit]

Jean is the wife of Emo Hitler. She weighs about a million pounds and is nearly 1,000 years old (Hitler likes it in large proportions). She started a Country tribute band to AC/DC and Metallica. Her band was named after a famous country band. It was called Dix in Chix. AC/DC and Metallica were so mad, because the tribute band played like shit and made their songs sound like country, so in an act of revenge, AC/DC teamed up with James Hetfield of Metallica and created a series of albums that may sound familiar but aren't the same like, Master of Lesbos, Whole Lotta Jean, and Who Made this Album. She eventually got gang beat for her band sounding like shit, and she quit music and looked for another career with her husband Emo Hitler.

Hitler gets cheated on[edit]

When Jean and Hitler moved to America, Jean knew she needed a lot of money, so she did random acts to random people for some spare change. Of course, Hitler did not know about this new career of hers. Soon, she got a real job as a business associate. She used the closet more than she used the computer!

Jean had cheated on Emo Hitler about 56 times in that closet, but Hitler was so fucken stupid he didn't notice when he got Herpes when they had went at it to the romantic AC/DC song "Big Balls." Jean continued to get a shitload of STD's with random people: boy, girl, dog, cat, shim, it didn't matter as long as it was alive. Fresh meat was fresh meat. Soon, Hitler got suspicious after Jean's dresses seemed like they were all colored in white. Hitler divorced Jean when he found her in the back closet with Michael Jackson. One day, when Jean was pretty fucken horny, she took out her revenge on Hitler by marrying his father and forcing him to steal his own son's enzyte stash.

Jean's new career[edit]

Jean soon got a new career as a bus driver/recess supervisor at a school. Which was perfect for her because she liked little children. She took them to her secret spot and they were never seen again.

Jean soon got fired in 2006 when she ran over a schoolboy for eating on her bus.

Jean's symbols[edit]

Jean had many symbols when she was a bi gay lesbo slut whore, including: 3===>----- \ I / (oYo) and ( Y ).