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"Busy at seeking something, gently touching,
and being not aware of the destiny,
your eye is still in infancy...

"The thesis of a Cruelle Angel;
that soon shall fly through yon Window
with a gushing hot Pathos!"

~ Oscar Wilde on Jeff Gannon

"I am so naive; what can I do?
My heart is a kaleidoscope!"

~ Jeff Gannon on Oscar Wilde

a/k/a James Guckert.

Introduced to the White House power structure by Press Secretary and apparent softball catcher Scott McClellan as "my pitcher," failed businessman Jeff Gannon was the front man for a phony rightwing news organization. Thereafter, Gannon attended several years worth of press conferences under the name James Guckert, while at the same time working as a gay prostitute and operating several gay porn sites.

Jeff Gannon live on CSPAN, explaining how the President Bush created the best top man in America.

Guckert/Gannon soon became the President's favorite whenever he felt the need to "Meat the Press." Soon it was no longer necessary for Jim/Jeff to be cleared for entry into the inner sanctum of 1600 Penisylvania Avenue and he came there regularly; even taking up residence in Karl Rove's capacious offices for many overnite sleepovers.

Guckert/Gannon bent over forwards to present the President with many opportunities to shove home his rigid agenda, through the backlogs of bureaucrats like Colin Powell. At press conferences, Jim/Jeff asked "questions" pulled word for word from the daily Republican talking points, providing an open forum for the President to spew out his hot milky rhetoric, of which he availed himself often.