Jennifer Tilly

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'Jennifer Tilly', a.k.a. Tiffany, a.k.a. Hot Bimbo nr.####, is a space monster sent to Earth to make men go crazy because of her perfectly shaped tits, ass and her voice.



There are some speculations, but the majority agrees on the fact that Jennifer was created circa 1984 in a secret laboratory in Soviet Russia to serve as a ultimate spy satellite. However, after rocket boosters misfired, she was launched straight to Mars, where she had a fight with Flying Spaghetti Monster, which resulted in a draw. After the fight Jennifer and FSM exchanged some genetic material, which allowed to Jennifer to acquire the full magnitude of her voice. She accepted a secret mission form FSM and returned to Earth.

Current events[edit]

Jennifer is currently preocuppied with voodoo rituals which praise FSM, creating lesser monsters. The particular ritual shown above is the one in which George W. Bush was created.