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Jerry Only is credited with ruining The Misfits. 99% of his fans still hate him.

Jerry Never[edit]

When The Misfits were in their prime, Jerry and Danzig were making them the most evil band on earth, but Jerry had been holding in his goodness too long, when finally it broke out of him in human form. This was the creation of Jerry Never. After Danzig realized the sudden change he left the band. Jerry Never responded by enslaving his brother Doyle and starting a Christian rock band. After getting that out of his system he returned to Jerry Only ,but it was too late and Danzig was too satisfied with his other band to return to The Misfits. Jerry then got a new singer, Michale Graves, who was shit compared to Danzig. Michale then, like Danzig, figured out that Jerry only is a huge dildo and left. In response, Jerry took over the band himself. Some say Jerry Never will come out again and become the anti-Danzig.

Only Very Jerry Merry Christmas[edit]

This form of Jerry is the current leader of The Misfits; since 2000, when he sent Michale Graves to the his grave in Gotham Road. He occasionally uses the pseudonym Der Santa Klaus. He often wears a red vest (which exposes his enormous muscles), black boots and a red knitted cap. His face is hidden with a huge gray beard and a devilock.