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Jingle All The Way (1996) is a comedy movie, directed by Brian Levant and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. The name is taken from a line in the Christmas song "Jingle Bells", not the other way around as commonly thought. The movie was a critical success, with many critics praising it's 'innovation', 'originality' and 'unpredictable plot twists'. Martin Scorsese even commented that it was 'the movie he wished he had had the guts to make'. A prequel entitled 'Jingle Some of The Way'was released in 1998, followed by a sequel 'Jingle Even Further'.


Sinbad in Jingle All The Way

It has been one of the most controversial movies of all time. Firstly, the movie was thought to be cursed while still in production. Four camera men, three make-up artists and nine background artists died during production. The movie went ahead however, and was shown at the funerals of those who perished during it.

The end of the film has also sparked controversy. Cast and crew were kept in the dark as many unused sequences were shot and not used, including one where the mailman (hilarious comedian Sinbad) was repeatedly soddonmised by Schwarezenegger's character Howard. This scene took days to shoot and many were dissapointed with it's exlusion from the final cut. However, fans can now see the uncut footage on the DVD. At first people were bemused by the decision to cast Schwarzenegger as a somewhat typical middle american. However, this controversial decisions seems to have paid off as Arnie drifts seemlessly into this role and the fact that he's actually German is completely forgotten. Some fans were even surprised to hear that he wasn't American after seeing him play the role so convincingly. Schwarzenegger has often used the film to further his political career. His famous 'it's turbo time' speech the day before elections is thought to have swung public opinion in his favour. However, a publicity stunt in which he attempted to reenact the closing sequence of the movie, where he uses the powers of his turbo suit to save his son, went horribly wrong causing several deaths. The family's of the deceased rieceived some solice from from Arnold who bought them all DVDs of the movie and had it shown at their funerals.


Arnie uses his amazing talents to aptly portray a stressed man.

  • Larry David was first choice to play the lead role of Howard.
  • Sinbad said the movie 'saved his life', as it helped get his illustrious career back on track.
  • The movie won every movie award the year of it's release, and the year after too.
  • Larry David was first choice to play the character Myron (played by Sinbad).
  • The tagline: Two Dads, One Toy, No Prisoners, was originally for writer. Randy Kornfield's

biography which focuses on his upbringing with two fathers. In this he often highlights their strict discipline and lack of generosity.

  • Paul Mcartney is quoted as saying the movie 'had more influence on society than The Beatles ever could'.
  • Larry David was first choice for the role of Ted.
  • Arnie provides all of the voice-overs for the German version.
  • The writer's main aim was to provide a social commentary regarding the materialistic times we live in, as well as the greed and lack of generosity among the general public. Despite this bleak and hard-hitting overtone it still managed to be a success.
  • Larry David wanted the role of the kid.
  • W. B. Yeats' epitaph has been changed to 'it's turbo time'.