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Jose is known for his Stereotypical Brazilian Life.

Jose "Joe" Carioca (May 6, 1900 - December 14, 2006) was (or is) the third best thing to happen in Brazil next to sex and samba. But what made Jose Carioca was that he perfected both sex and samba, earning him the Casanova of South America.

Pre-Disney Years[edit]

Joe Carioca was the youngest of his five brothers. He was a World War I veteran for just entering in the Brazilian Army!

After the First World War, Jose would be at many parties and danced the samba like no other, but most of the time he was drunk after drinking Caipirinha or high after smoking peyote cigars. Either way, he was Livin' la vida loco.

In 1930, Vargas outlawed sex, drugs, and samba. So Jose went to South America where other countries didn't outlaw that kind of stuff. Here's how his trip went....

Disney Years[edit]

After visiting all the South American countries and being kicked-out of all of them, Joe Carioca went to America and met with Walt Disney who stole his soul after graduating at Acme Looniversity in 1942.

But what Walt did was have Jose team-up with Donald Duck because Mickey Mouse wouldn't want to be teamed-up with anyone...except his own kind.

Jose was made a star after that and he was featured in The Three Caballeros. Jose was welcomed back to Brazil after that movie, but in 1954 Jose was kicked-out again because they said that he poisoned Vargas.

The Three Caballeros[edit]

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Jose Carioca was teamed-up again with Donald Duck and Panchito. This time, he was in the band The Three Caballeros.

Jose provided a lot for the band, 50% whereas Donald provided 5% and Panchito 45%.

In 1966, when The Caballeros went to England, Jose made a lot of music for the band and peyote cigars for musicians such as The Beatles, The Rutles, Jimi Hendrix, The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, and others.

When 1970 came, Jose was out of peyote cigars and The Caballeros disbanded.

The unknown years[edit]

Jose Carioca went back to Brazil and he became a Brazilian pimp for the first half of the 70's. The other half was burned-up from being a drug-dealer. Jose even sold his clothes for peyote.

For awhile, Jose Carioca was known as John Phillip Salsa...but only in Puerto Rico (Don't ask anyone how Jose got there).

Ze Carioca[edit]

Sometimes when Jose Carioca plays soccer, he gets his pants stuck on the Corner Flag.

After getting his life cleaned-up in 1980 once he found out that he was only wearing a box that was his home as well.

Joe Carioca became Ze Carioca and was back in the spotlight again at least in Brazil.

Jose even became a soccer player and can still samba (which he usually did after scoring a goal). He was so good in 1991, that he became part of the Brazilian Team and took Team Brazil to the World Cup three times and winning it two times.

Controversy and Death[edit]

In 2002, Jose Carioca met-up with The Simpsons when they came to Rio de Janerio. Riotour and Brazil saw them as a threat to Rio and Brazil decided to have a match-up with The Simpsons and Team Brazil with Jose Carioca on the team. Oddly enough, The Simpsons won the match, and Jose thought that the match was stupid anyhow because Riotour made Jose play against The Simpsons.

In 2006, Jose was touring England again with Tom and Jerry. After they arrived, Jose was arrested for smoking. Jose died alongside with Tom and Jerry on a televised BBC event "Toons Who Smoke Must Die".