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John Charles Hitler (1937- ) is a professional beer drinker for the WBDF (World Beer Drinking Federation).

Early Years[edit]

Mads A (john potted plant bubber bob hitler) is one of the amazings. the amazings is a grup of amazing peple, he loves sucking cock and play call of duty ghost, he is so amazing that he could kill superman just by looking at him, yea he is awesome and amazing. and he made the world and beated god, but he got an evil brother called adolf hitler, but john hitler killled him, and he killed jesus cuz jusus was not awesome enough to be his son. but a day john Putin came to his house and said he and his brother (Vladimir Putin) wanted to kill him but john hitler killed john putin easily. but vladimir putin is still hiding like a little pussy Mads A

As John Hitler[edit]

Was like a adam furey, he was a bronzi from lol who could get in silver so he and his wife died RIP (Adam Furey 1998-2015)

Shortly after the death of Aasad, John revealed to the world that his real last name was Hitler. He then proceeded to goose-step around the drinking table before a contest, then was shot by Bill Goldberg. He recovered quickly and went on to defeat Ricardo Montalban to win the WBDF championship. He then formed an alliance with Trip Pool, another white man, and two-time WBDF doubles champions Doug & Dinsdale Piranha, and was managed by porn actress Amy Grant. The alliance continued, but John never won another WBDF championship, and lost in the finals in 1985 to rapper Vanilla Ice. In 1991, John retired from professional beer drinking and now works as a professor educating his students about beer and hotdog consumption at North Carolina State University.

MAds A Mads A