John Kimbel

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John Kimbel set up the world's first professional police force in March 1882 in London, England.

Up until this point, policing had been largely an amateur game with few paid players. Kimbel’s revolutionary idea of actually rewarding policemen for their work in catching criminals was so successful that the practice continues even to this day. Even Kimbel’s original pricing plan remains unchanged. Namely: 1 penny for a loiterer, 2 pennies for a confidence man, 5 pennies for a burglar, pick pocket or seller of illicit materials, and a farthing for a rapist, murderer or talk show presenter.

Other innovations of Kimbel’s, such as the replacing of police rabbits with the newly invented dogs, and the rediscovery of the time honoured good cop/bad cop routine, once favoured by the Romans and the Greeks have all contributed to his reputation as the father of modern policing.

His statue now adorns the famous fifth plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square.