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“John THE GUN SHOW Thompson”

~ Oscar Wilde

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John the Lesser
Rank: 4th in line for a spanking
Period in Office 1092 - 1894
Predecessor: Jennifer Tightbuns
Successor: The Bowell's of Canada
Date of Birth: Once upon a time
Place of Birth: FairyLand
Spouse: Paul Martin
Political Party: This Party Has 22 Minutes

Early Life[edit]

John Sparrow David Jason... Thompson was born with the name Captin Jack Sparrow in the middle of what is now known as the Atlantic Ocean. At the age of 13 he moved onto dry land and changed his name to Denise Jennings, however this was not accepted by the Ku Klux Klan, so he quickly changed his name to John Thompson. At age 30 JSDT won the Greg Thomey formerly of This Hour Has 22 Minutes look-alike contest.


Mr. T entered politics in 1875, as a MP from a small riding in Ottawa, which happened to be called Ottawa. He was elected Conservative leader, and, in turn, Prime Minister, because the Conservatives were still in power and it did not matter who eas elected he leader of the party they would then be Prime Mininister, understand, huh, do yeah? Good, moving on, after the death of Sir John A. Macdonald, John Abbott and Darth Vader. He was worried when elected leader because the previous two had died in office. He was worried that the PMO has a curse and he would die in office as well. He did.

Prime Minister[edit]

Thompson was Prime Mininster from 1892 until his sudden but entirely predictable death in December of 1894. As prime mininster he did things. Political things. Many of which are not remembered or even cared about.


Thompson dropped dead on the lap of Queen Victoria in 1894. "Bloody hell... now what balding fatass is going to run the country," was the collective feeling from the Canadian public as he was the third bloody prime minister in four years.

Preceded by:
John Joseph Caldwell Abbott
Prime Minister of Canada
1892 - 1894
Succeeded by:
Mackenzie Bowell

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