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That award you don't get

JYN3 2007 goes to Mhaille as the welcomer and help3r on the site 4 mee! I still hate featured images and articles. And I hate you

JYLI 2007 goes to Ceridwyn. For stuff...

AÖGÜS7 2007 goes to Uncyclopedian for being Uncyclopedian, etc.

S3P73MB36 2007 goes to Tom Mayfair for bringing the beautiful message of communism to our sinful lands, or at least your lands, Non-Estonians!

ÖK7ÕB3R 2007 goes to Slifer McJams for REALLY SUCKING!

D363MB3R 2007 goes to Pongo, part deux.

J4NU4RY 2008 goes to Humb? Bumbertown? No, it's Clorox, for making that crappy Hidden Links thang that I Pwned. I HAVE HIDDEN LINX ON MY PAGE TOO.

V3RBALLY 2008, quite verbally, a slightly slowdown thx to Modusoperandi

M4CH 2008 alasmematie, goeth 2 Savethemooses, henceforth making a la ghastly change from an arse to a good dood.

4PR1L 2008 goes to DJ Irrevent, for making that (illegal) work of art (urine) atop HallBugs. JOINNOW!

M47 2008 goes to Vosnul, for actually joining HallBugs.

JYN3 2008 is one year of 3XCELLENCE. This obviously goes to Chronarion.

JYLI 2008 goes to Rcmurphy, for doing what he does worst. Great, all we needed was a f&#!king #Twitter

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~ Gert5 on God

“Is this guy a retard?”



~ Gert5 on Useless programmer banter nobody cares about

“I had just about enough with the amount of noise you generate here, and that "fuck you asshole" was the final straw. When you come back, if you don't reduce the amount of idiotic forums you put all over the place, I'll be placing an office rule regarding you and forums. If you can't play nice, you won't be playing at all.”

Sysopry is unreachable at years to come
Guide to you, before crying to mum
HowTo:Become a sysop in 2008 or later‎

Crap by Gert5 (broken)

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