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“Easy, extremely easy for you, and I and everybody sing along.”

~ Jota Quest on "Fácil"

“Jacarepaguá is too far a-away. Jacarepaguá only if you are by car. Jacarépaguá only if you are in Barra. Otherwise, I won't go even if I'm tied up. Salci fufu!”

~ Sérgio Mallandro on "Onibusfobia" (or "I'm such a silly rich white boy that can't take a minute on public transportation")

“I love Jota Quest. Milton Nascimento is such an amazing singer!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Jota Quest

Formed by brothers Flausino, Sideral and Mallandro, Jota Quest is a Progressive Brutal Deathrash Metal Emo band from the kingdom of Minas Gerais, an empire inside Brazil, ruled by Aécio Neves. Inspired by groups such as Clube da Esquina, Journey and É o Tchan, Jota Quest has dominated pop charts ever since the lead singer, Sérgio Mallandro, introduced his brothers to Mallandronina - a powerful substance that every malandro should have - thus lifting everyone's spirit so high, high in the sky.

Sérgio Mallandro singing with his band Jota Quest

The band was initially called J. Quest, but when Rogério Flausino was bit by a dog called Bandit, he decided they should change the name to Jota Quest, also, as a form of homage to Flausino's idol and greatest inspiration, the cartoon character Jotalhão. Then Jota Quest became so popular in Brazil that Mauricio de Sousa, Jotalhão's creator, decided to kill the character because he too was so annoyed by such infamous hits like "De volta ao planeta" ("Back to the Planet") and "Maria, Maria" ("Mary, Mary").

Later on, Jota Quest added the Malandrinhas to its act. The Malandrinhas is a group formed by hot cheap women that used to kiss Sérgio Mallandro's ass - and plenty of other dirty places. They are also actresses in porn movies financed by Xuxa's producing company, Só para Baixinhos (Just for small people).

The Big Break-up[edit]

Once Rogério Flausino broke up with and old girlfriend. It was very sad for both of them.

Black music from the Pampas[edit]

Jota Quest is constantly accused of being a washed-up and simplified black version of traditional brazilian hitmakers Engenheiros do Hawaii. Rogério Flausino has also been accused of copying Tina Turner's Mad Max wardrobe.


  • Crystal Moon soundtrack (1958)
  • J. Quest (1972)
  • Back to the Planet (of the Apes - yeah, we also stole that idea) (1973)
  • Easy (Bilu-Tetéia) (1974)
  • Oxygen to carburate my joint (1976)
  • Chinese Democracy (1977)
  • I am what I am, or what I used to be (1979)
  • Damn you, God (1981)
  • The Aleijadinho Code (1983)
  • Crystal Moon 2: Re-Loaded soundtrack (1985)
  • Salci Fufu (1986)
  • With friends and enemies (1989)
  • Unplugged - but that's ok, we had to re-record everything in studio (1998)
  • Varied Pop DJing (2002)
  • Till where it goes (2005)

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