Juan Carlos the 1st

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Juan Carlos 1st is the eigth President of the World. He had a tough election against Norm Macdonald. But soon people realized Norm Macdonald was a prick and didn't vote for him. That and Juan Carlos 1st killed Anna Nicole Smith doing us all a big favor.

Early life[edit]

Juan Carlos was the once handsome king of Spain. He was kicked out for pretending to be a Jew during the Spanish Inquisition then converted to Catholocism after sleeping with Madonna. One of Madonna's favorite songs "Beautiful Spaniard" is dedicated to him. After he became ugly she stopped singing the song. He came back after Franco died, then had an affair with Felipe Gonzalez. This lasted only a week as Juan Carlos soon realized much like George Clooney that he had fallen in love with his pig. Neglecting his kingly duities, Juan Carlos was then over thrown by his younger cousin Juan Valdize who was already at that time the prince of Coffeenima.