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The Jukebox Hero is both jukebox and hero at the same time. He was once a part of the Justice League, X-men, Men in Black, and, to common belief, the Nazis. He was removed from all four of these organization for being only able to speak in crappy 70's disco beats.

The Creation of the Jukebox Hero[edit]

The Jukebox Hero was a lab experiment taken much too far, resulting in horrible yet interesting results. An inspiring group of scientists took a rising hero(rumored to be Robin after he and batman split up) and tried to combine his genetics with that of a jukebox. Other scientists scoffed at the idea and believed that it would go nowhere, no institution would give the group of scientists the money to go on with the risky experiment.

Luckily for these scientists, who all happened to know the fine science of plastic surgery, MJ needed a new nose to promote even more people to buy his albums. The scientists gave him a new nose and MJ gave them just enough money for their insane intentions. Using the help of the Mafia, Gandalf, and James Earl Jones, the small group of scientists had all they needed to go on with their project.

The project started and almost ended smoothly. In the closing few minutes of the experiment, something went wrong. A strong thunderstorm was occurring outside of the lab and this, though completely impossible, affected the electrical cords that were attached to the giant pieces of machinery that was fusing the hero and the jukebox. This resulted in a completed fusion but also for the jukebox hero to have many superpowers. He used laser beam eyes to destroy the scientists and committed his life to fighting evil and bringing justice to the world.

Adventures of the Jukebox Hero[edit]

The adventures of the Jukebox Hero are many and nigh uncountable, so this list will be of only some of his more memorable adventures:

Rise to fame[edit]

One of the Jukebox Hero's most memorable adventures, the events of this watched and recorded by the band Foreigner. The Jukebox Hero was trying to get into to see his favorite musician, Johnny Cash. He couldn't get a ticket, it was a sold out show. He was frustrated but he had a brilliant idea. He would become a musician himself and play on stage beside Johnny Cash. He ended up at a pawn shop and bought an old guitar. This was about the time he met the bandmembers of Foreigner, who were also buying their guitars and everything they owned there. He later got high with them, most likely off some Mary J, shown in Foreigner's song with the line 'got stars in his eyes'. The Jukebox Hero soon enough formed a band, played the rock and roll underground, broke out onto the mainstream, and then fell off the charts, but not on purpose. He felt he was neglecting his hero qualities and since he had been making and playing music, was overpersuing his jukebox side.