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Junk food is stuff eaten by people who won't work for food. You can search in junk cans and dumpsters for banana peels, toxic chemicals, and pretty much everything that is stuff and that's why people who eat junk food have shorter lives.

History Of Junk Food[edit]

During the great depression, Hobos explored the great lands of the dumpster, and began gluing together thing they found in the trash, then cooking them over a chemical fire. It was realized to be delicous, then for a 10-year period, the hobos were very rich people, until the AHA was formed. In case your wondering, AHA stands for American Heart Association, AHA analized junk food, and exploited its contents, however nobody cared except for the political system.

Junk Food original ingredients[edit]

When junk food was invented these are the following ingredients for various junk food:

  • Carmel Apple - A rotten Apple added with a strange mix of ketchup(found in ketchup containers) Mustard, custard, sugar, and water. Then cooked above a chemical fire of grass and other ingredients *The Chip - Potatoes, french fries, Salt, and High flucrose syrup (Which is actually just sugar cardboard) cooked. *Chocolate - Do I even have to say it?

Junk Food Today[edit]

Most people who eat junk food today have a thing called "Obesity" which is actually a Hawaiin BBQ party. Now the rich have waged a blood feud against the hobos to steal junk food, junk food is now even more junky because it can be properly manufactured as a byproduct in chemical farms called "Nuclear Power Plants".