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We use to have a 25 letter alphabet, but then someone thought it'd be funny to get creative with an H and photoshop, and thus, K was born. And it was awesome, the end.

Reasons K Is Awesome and Is Better Than C[edit]

  • It is straight, not curved
  • C is just so insecure, it needs to feel better about itself.
  • Cucumber starts with C and a cucumber is shaped like a penis. Come on now.
  • C is for cookie, which is a slang term for cocaine, which also starts with C. Coincidence, I think not-...hey, would you look at that.
  • C is the symbol for Carbon, and Carbons atomic number is 6, and if you multiply 6 by 111 it equals 666, associating C with the devil.
  • Colin Mochrie.
  • Canada.
  • C for Communism.
  • I like C.
  • It's that one dude from the Men In Black movies. I didn't see any 'C's as cool as that guy.
  • And Baylor Morisson love the letter C come on what loser like that letter oh ya Baylor deos

Mathematical Significance of K[edit]

K > Everything in the history of anything ever created by anyone, ever (a.k.a. Q)

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