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Crap, it's spotted us!

Kentuckistan Fried Turkey is the brainchild of Kentuckistan Colonel Joseph Sadist and stands in direct competition with his Colonel Sanders.


Unlike Sanders, Sadist never had a successful restaurant on the side of a busy highway. Instead, he had a mobile diner that was quite empty, and actually benifited when the road was diverted to his little place... but not by much. When Harland began going across the country peddeling his pressure-cooker and his "11 herbs and spices", Joe could NOT take that lying down! Joe took it sitting down in front of a plate of burnt chicken. Sadist never was any good with chicken, but when it came to Thanksgiving though, he could whip up a deep-fried turkey like you wouldn't believe! Then inspiration struck. The Sadist began making his 13, count 'em 13 herbs and spices! As the founder, Joe Sadist said, "That's two more than Sanders! Take that b-otch!"