Kage Bushin No Jutsu

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Roughly translated as "Instant Army In A Large Puff Of Smoke Technique" this is an ability granted from forming retarded hand gestures (see Seals for a pictoral list of seals; somehow linking to the Japanese Zodiac of animals) to create multiple copies of the user.

"I'll kill you peice of trash!"

This technique uses mysterous gases to make the copies so you are effectivly making what can only be discribed as "fart ninjas" who when attacked defeat the opponent with a power called "chakra no smelly" (This power is also played apon as a taunting tool by the French Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Naruto first uses it to save his first teacher "Veruca-sensei" from a silver-haired giant vagina infected with VD, HIV, syphilis, thrush, vaginal rabies and "Hysterical pregnancy" (see Sexually transmitted diseases). These copies can be used to perform attacks or other sexual acts - such as the user requires. This could possibly be considered a form of masturbation. (R.I.P. more kittens)

This technique was totaly forbidden after being used by Rock Lee - a rather pathetic ninja who cannot acctualy use basicly ANY ninja Jutsus...exept for apparently this one...the reason for this is because if Naruto can do it - anyone can! Rock Lee used it to gang rape Sakura. However, this attempt did not work as she rejected him using her superhuman strength - so he was forced to use his clones as a mastorbatory tool. Also it must be noted that the sole reason for Rock Lee's existance is to follow the tradition of fighting animes having a Bruce Lee character. Plus he wears a giant green condom for his costume. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" is probably a misspelling of "No Cage Bumkin's Joodoo", which further proves that the Japanese think they're all smart and stuff because they know a bit of English even though they can't spell and stuff.