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Katie Ka-Boom was the stage name of cartoon psycho bitch Kate "Moss" Mooney during her time on the comedy series Animaniacs. At present, she is a Heroin addict and has attempted suicide 16 times.


Born in Pleasantville, New Jersey, Katie was known for her deadly thunderous temper that made Yosemite Sam and King John blush, and why she was known as Katie Ka-Boom. What? You think I make this stuff up?

Early Career[edit]

Graduating from the Zachary Taylor Elementary School, Kate took to appearing as the presenter for the prime-time children's show, Barney and Friends, as the role of Maria Eatalotti, the girl who would be repeatedly eaten and shat out of Barney. Katie stormed out when she came out along with a Curry.

Joining Animaniacs[edit]

Katie then moved on to become a background character on Animaniacs, where Steven Spielberg had fun lampooning Katie's anger and used it as a tool on her cartoons. Although Katie only appeared in seven of the 99 episodes, her role was originally as a spoof of racing driver Penelope Pitstop, but later progressed into a pastiche of herself.

One hour after Katie stormed out from handing in her resignation, a secretary found Steven Spielberg beaten to a senseless pulp with nail polish poured down his throat. If there was one thing Katie couldn't stand, it was people making fun of her flawless complexion.


Being a vain loser, Katie tried to advertise various products for Avon and Amway, but filming took only ten seconds before Katie went beserk and flung into a frenzy of rage. Between 1998 and 1999 alone, Katie auditioned for 700,000 products from just 3 cosmetics companies. Having turned to Cocaine and Heroin, Katie now had the nickname "Moss", as her hair was all lumpy and fuzzy from the stress and nicotine.

Katie made it into the news 16 times since 2001, when the drugs went to her head and tried to make her commit suicide:

  • 5 times by falling off a bridge
  • 2 times by hanging
  • 1 time by watching Bob Hope specials over and over
  • 3 times by poisoning
  • 4 times by watching PBS

Every Drugs Rehabilitation Centre that has taken in Katie has gone bankrupt within the same week over the amount of anti-depressants required. Where Katie is today is unknown.


Widely regarded as the most violent cartoon character ever created, Katie Ka-Boom has been stereotyped repeatedly on NBC and in political propaganda cartoons. John Prescott has been likened to a fat Katie Ka-Boom by many of his opponents, and Amalgam Comics briefly ran a miniseries of cartoon strips entitled Kathy Ka-Blam, featuring a character very similar to Katie.

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