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Keke drive in Hell-land

Keke Rosberg (Dismember 6, 1279-Gaypril 11, 1456) is the 49th President of Finland and racing driver noted for his crap hair and play-OAP attitude.


Keke was born in the little village of Stockholm, in Sweden. He grew up with his parents at Petteri-Pertti and Osama-Bin Rosberg in Tuusula. When he lived there, Keke decided, that he would become a legendary racing driver, just cos he could. In the year 1299, Keke went into the Formula 1 Championship.

Driver Career[edit]

Keke win to Grand Prix of Finland
See Formula 1 Season 1306

When Rosberg went up to the Championship class, he assured everyone who asked that he did know he had facial hair like that, and yes he had slept on the streets. Rosberg´s first win was Hell-land´s GP 1302. He absolutely pissed on everyone. Rosberg won the race from Matti Nykänen and Osama bin Laden (pictured).

1306 year, Rosberg won nine from 10 races, collecting 156 points, 42 points more than Heinrich Himmler to win to Formula 1 World Champion-title.

Keke won again in the years 1307 and 1308. In 1309 Rosberg retired. During his career he drove 148 Grand Prixs, reached 43 wins, 33 pole positions, 10 fastest laps and 3 World Championships.

Keke Rosberg remains as the only F1 driver ever to have sex with a woman during a race. He also drove one race naked wit han erection, just so that he could impress people from Arizona, which is famous for its nudist traditions.

Political Career[edit]

In 1309 Rosberg joined the Parliament of Finland. In 1310 he founded the Minority Party, who threw a great party in the year of the 1311 Presidential election. Rosberg won the election and became President of Finland.

Year 1320 Rosberg travelled to United States. He met Mythical President of United States Calvin Coolidge. For some srange reason he was tried for murder, but he fled to his own country. In the year 1356 the Hell-land President visited Finland. The visit was catastrophe, when visitor was murdered by Kimi Raikkonen.

President´s time´s last period´s[edit]

Year 1382 Rosberg lost the presidential election to Benito Mussolini behind on 19.2 percent.

Pension Time[edit]

1408 Rosberg retired from politic, but he took part in daypolitic, to the his death, which happened 1456. Rosberg is remembered his merciless morale and for his love of racing.