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After getting a life, he became very popular.

Kiddie Fiddler was a mute orphan child found on the streets of London in 1881. His only possession was a cheap fiddle with which he used to communicate. His playing was so fantastic and moving that he soon became a favourite of the royal court. Nobody knew his real name and he soon became known as "that kid with the fiddle", eventually shortened to Kiddie Fiddler.

Kiddie was asked to star in Star wars but turned it down because he did not want to become typecast.

It is also well known that the Devil went down to Georgia and fiddle'd up a little kid. That kid went into therapy and killed his former self becoming the Kiddie Fiddler we see before us today. Kid got raped.

Later Life of Kid[edit]

In November 7th, 1923, he got polio, and crippled his fiddling arm. Devasted, he went to go die. After the discovery of coco puffs, he went to New York City to met Jonny Kellogg. He finally met him after his horrible journey through Wall Street. Kellogg gave him free samples and his prototype, Cinnammon Toast Crunch, The Crack you can see!! It was covered in a sugary like crack which made kids smarter. But after being deemed unconstitutional in 1935, it only used real sugar. At the age of 35, Kid made it into a concert and fiddle like he never did before. He got shot because he ruined the show. His killer, George McMuffin was captured and later given the death Penalty. We will always remember that Kid.

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