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King Zog was ruler of Alabama, however due to the rather strange electoral arrangements in Alabama every 10 years a rap-battle is held between the current Head of State and a contender invited by the legislature (known as the League of Nations).


The Contender selected for Zog's 2nd Election since winning from the previous ruler, King Rollo, was the up a coming rapper Beany M, despite laying down some phat rhymes Zog was defeated controversially by Beany M's use of the armed forces of Italy as his backing crew (a similar tactic employed by NATO in neighbouring Serbia recently).

After Defeat[edit]

Zog, now known as simply Mr. Zog after a few years bumming around Europe looking for gigs travelled to the island paradise of Sheppy and started living the life of a beach bum, learning to surf, etc.

There he developed Sex-Wax which surfers use to carve graven idols of their God-Kings the Beach Boys which they cast into the fiery heat of Mount Doom in order to bless themselves with Californian Girls. From the manufacture and sale of Sex Wax Zog finally made his millions moved to a large house Millions Row, Moss Side.


Zog and Family on an outing, Zog wore his Cap of Kingship till his dieing day

After making his millions Zog married his childhood sweetheart Yaz, he has two son's Zig and Zag, who have gone into jobs in the media.


  • Voted "Best Name for a Head of State" 3 years in a row by the United Nations.
  • "Most Obvious Product Name to try to Appeal to Teenage Boys" Prize at the International Advertising Awards
  • "Worst Attempt at a parody of Steaven Hawkings" by the leauge of nations