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King Eagle, widely known throughout Norway as KongeĆørn, is a mighty dangerous breast. In fact, it is known for killing fully grown deers, by picking out there eyes before snapping their necks off. And sometime they even attack the seal and whales..a big problem, since they live in the sea, but the mighty king eagle actually manage it. It has been observed that they drop down from the sky and into the whale's blowhole, thereby strangling the poor creature.


True caution must be taken when approaching these animals, especially when drinking alcohol as it makes you smell like a deer. Rumours say that if you fall asleep in a ditch, you become a certain prey for these vicious King Eagles.

The Eagle and the Norwegians[edit]

The Norwegians with MOST knowledge about these birds, comes from the west of Norway. Up north, they don't know that much..they just pretend to know A LOT about all and nothing.

Some Norwegians are however known to use Eagles for extreme sports. They drink extreme amounts of alcohol to enhance their deersmell, then they stumble around in the dark making the typical noises of deer, seal, whales and other prey animals. The noise can be described as a long and moaning "Raaaaahhh"-sound, not entirely different from the noise of someone "talking in the great white phone!"

Then, as the King Eagles land to wreck havoc on the poor Norwegiansthey quickly grab it by the feets and hangs on for their bare life while the Eagle takes off into the sky.