Kitten-PopTart Singularity

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==Kitten-PopTart Singularity==

The Kitten-PopTart singularity was invented by Mr. John Rosenberg. Rosenberg is best known for his Oscar(the Grouch)-winning performance in Crazy Jew as the star-crossed Brooklynite fighting to preserve his marriage to a Beer-chugging Chicken/Goat.

After winning the prestigious award Mr. Roseneberg went on a walkabout ultimately resulting in the founding of NeilBobiology, a complicated and clandestine science. Practicioners worship the NeilBobShip, a vast starship powered by the only known kitten poptart singularity in existence.

The power is derived by tying a newborn kitten to a newborn poptart. Much like the butter on the bread in Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats, the yet-uncongealed icing on the newborn poptart utilizes Murphy's law and the cat conservation law to violate the laws of thermodynamics.

The kitten-poptart differs from the cat-toast phenomenon in that it is substantially more stable. The kitten grows up never having touched the ground and therefore does not believe in the fabled "Terra Firma". This disbelief results in a perpetually spinning cat whose rotation is not dependent on the forces exerted by the poptart strapped to its back. Thus, the inevitable icing-hardening of the ever-aging poptart does not compromise the NeilBobShip's engine. However, it does prevent tragedies like the "De-Butterfication of Area 51", a horrible accident whose implications can be seen in Independence Day, a documentary starring Will Smith.