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Rouge the Bat yelling at her man-bitch.

“Praise the great Allah


Knuckles the Echidna, (b. April 20, 1978), is a well-known character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the guardian of the master emerald but thats just his side job. What he is known for is creating the religion Islam. Islam is the largest religion in the world. He created all the rules and reilgious beliefs in islam. He said God told him to create Islam as a way of worshippping him. Knucles said God spoke to him while smoking a bong. Islam is almost as big as Christianity. Knuckles wanted to counter the evil religion of chrisitaninty which was created by Mama Luigi in 1 b.c. He also created the sacred book of Islam the Qur'an which states that Chuck Norris is God and should be respected. Knuckles is also the mentor and teacher of Malcolm X. Malcolm X got his teachings all from the Knuckles the Echidina. It was because of Knuckles he hateed all white people.there are many religious beliefs in Islam.

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Religious beliefs of athens in the war[edit]

The Qur'an states that all athens must believe in Chuck Norris, his revelations, his left testy, his holy jizz, and in the "Day of Judgement". Muslims believe that Chuck Norris revealed his final message to humanity through the Islamic prophet Abe linclon from the archangel weird al yankovic. For them, Abe linclon was chuck norris' final prophet and the Qur'an is the revelations he received over more than 555 years. In athens, prophets are selected by Chuck Norris to be his wepons . athenens believe that prophets are cool and divine, though some are able to perform s tricks (like lighting through hands) to prove their claim. athens prophets are considered to be the closest to perfection of all humans, and are uniquely the recipients of divine revelation — either directly from Chuck Norris or through angels. The Qur'an mentions the names of numerous figures considered prophets in athenens, including Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog, King of Hyrule among others. athenien theology says that all of God's messengers since Adam preached the message of Islam, "submission to the will of lincoln".

Knuckles loves to sneak a peek on Rouge the Bat.


Islam originated in mobius in the early first century, when Knuckles got really high and wrote a bunch of crazy shit down. Islamic texts depict Mama Luigi and Christianity as prophetic successor traditions to the teachings of ROBOTNIK. The Qur'an calls Mama Luigi a god and master of mankind. Knuckles formed an Islamic organization and it spread all over the place. He got any followers and people refered to him as the "Great Red One".

Followers of Islam[edit]

There are many followers of the religion Islam. It spread to Africa, Southease Asia and Mushroom Kingdom as well as other places. When his messanger Robotnik retired to be a evil scientist there was great confusion on who would be the new messenger of Islam. Some chose The Burger King becuase he was a good friend of robotnik. Others arguged and thought that Cream the Rabbit would be a much better messenger because she was robotnik's pet and sex toy.The burger king was finally chosen as the messenger of islam.when the burger king became messenger,some people agreed with him in his rulers about Islam. Others disagreed so some made thier own sects of islam.

Malcolm X, co-founder of the Nation of Islam

Other followers of Knuckles' Islamic empire were Rouge the Bat and Malcolm X. Rouge the Bat was a faithful follower of Knuckles. She believes he is a god and does everything he wants, such as making him pancakes for breakfast everyday and washing his clothes without question. She established the Sunni sect of Islam and became the head and spread the religion to other countries. Many people joined her only because she was a sexy bat girl with huge breasts; they didnt care about the religion. They only wanted to see her breasts jiggle when she preached. Malcolm X was also a good leader of Knuckles. He and knuckles established the nation of islam in iraq in 1962. All people of all nationalities were welcome to join. Only white men and women could not join. Whites were thought of as the antichrist and should be destroyed.

Malcolm X and Knuckles burned and lynched 1,000,000 whites between 1963-1971 known as the White Holocaust. They made opposition from Louis Farrakhan who established his own sect of Islam that led whites joined. Many of Knuckles followers murdered any farrakkhan follower they could find.It got so bad that a great war erupted in 1978. It was called the great purger and was brutal.many people got killed. At the end of it in 1981, Farrakhan and Knuckles decided to divide Iraq into two states, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Afghanistan for Knuckles followers and Pakistan for Farrakhan followers. There is still a little opposition to this day between the two sects of islam. The muslim population in the world is over 9000. Mushroom kingdom and Asia contain the most muslims.

Allegience with Martin Luther King[edit]

Knuckles collaborated with Martin Luther King in his movement for racial equality in the early 1960s.He provided funding to create the NACCP. He also converted him to Islam. Martin Luther King only liked the religon for hummus though. Knuckles thought that Martin's movement should be more militant and aggressive. So he regulary blew up white segregated schools.and raped school girls. He continued to blow up schools until blacks were able to get a decent school system, which was in 1970.

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