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Komagvær is a norwegian city at the very north-east part of the country, the average temperature is -10 degrees celcius. It was the capital of norway, and the largest city (about 500000 Space Otters, 40000 Lutefisk, 16 sheep and some farmers) until 42 AC, when the Space Otters fed their sheep with atomic waste, the sheep quickly mutated, and bacame rebellious and immortal, they killed almost every Space Otter and Lutefisk in Komagvær. The farmers survived, but the sheep quickly found out that farmers are very good slaves. The capital was then moved to Saltdal.

Fun things to do in Komagvær[edit]

Here are some ideas:

>Shop at the local ikea >Visit the local fjord >Day trip to north pole >Enjoy the exciting annual "summer parade" with temperatures climbing steeply to -12C, and a speech by mayor and local farming family. >Actually theres nothing to do in that hellhole >Seriously, why are you going? >Go somewhere else, you retarded idiot...why the hell would anyone want to go to komagvaer!