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Kong VI (Edward Albert Joseph Young Magnus O'Flahrty Bongo, later The Prince Kong, Duke of Monsterland) (14 December 1895 - 6 February 1963) was King of Skull Island from 1933 until his death.

As second son of Kong IV, young Edward was not expected to inherit the throne. It was only when his older brother, Kong V was forced to abdicate following his morganatic marriage to Ann Darrow that Kong VI ascended to the throne.

Early Life[edit]

Edward was born in St James' Cave, Skull Island in 1895. His great-grandmother, the reigning Queen Kong II wrote a letter to his parents.

“Whereas it doth behoove (inasmuch as nonesuch) that on or about this day, it perforce to say (for it is in London where we make our scene) that until such time as then or thereabouts, we must ('though 'must' is no word for princes) celebrate and, discretely, to sanctify this occasion (or occasions) through immediate and alacritous presentation of our most heartfelt contrifibularities.”

~ Kong II on ...I'm not sure what it's on

That pretty much sums things up.

Military career and education[edit]

After earning a 'royal pass' at Eton, Albert attended the Skull Island Gorilla Military Academy, majoring in 'Wall Nullification'. At the time, part of Skull Island was inaccessible to the gorillas, and wall nullification was a major aim of the SI Gorilla Military. It remained so until 2005 when Kong IX realised that giant gorillas can just climb over the bloody wall.

Albert graduated from the Academy in 1910. In the same year, Kong III died; Albert's father became Kong IV; Albert's older brother William became Prince of The Crappy Mountainous Bit of Skull Island and Albert himself became Duke of Monsterland.

He soon after joined the Army, and saw action during the 1933 Denham Incursion.

Ascention to the Throne[edit]

In 1933, Kong V provoked a constitutional crisis by proposing to American human Ann Darrow. Although legally he could have married and remained king, this was opposed by his ministers. After consultation with the Prime Minister Magilla Gorilla and the Leader of the Opposition Lance Link, Kong V abdicated in a famous radio speech.

“I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love. Eeeeek! Eeeek!”

~ King Kong V on his abdication

Shortly after, he was assassinated by a 'lone gunman' flying a Sopwith Camel.

Meanwhile, Kong VI ascended the throne. His reign was to be a tumultuous one.

War with Japan[edit]

Skull Island had a long history of antagonism and rivalry with Japan. This rivalry lurched towards outright conflict in 1954 when Godzilla proclaimed himself 'King of Monsters'. Unlike his brother who had sought to appease Japan by granting Godzilla concessions in The Land of the Lost, Kong VI sought a more aggressive stance on Japanese expansionism.

King Kong vs Godzilla[edit]

Matters finally came to a head in 1962, when King Kong fought Godzilla and won, although witnesses to the fight believe that Godzilla may have survived (Update - he did).