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Krelboyne is a super nerdy secret society with people having an IQ of 165 and have the ability to multitask, read minds, and knows numbers without the use of calculators. It was created in 1751, 25 years before America was free. Membership happens when during the fetus stage, the music of Mozart was heard outside and the fetus hears, it creates a supersmart baby. Also, it happens when you have a rain man type birth.

History of Krelboynes[edit]

The secret society was founded by Heinz Krelboyne in 1751. He was the superhuman who predicted the independence of the United States and Napoleon declaring France an empire. Many famous scientists, celebrities, and politicians had higher intelligence, an IQ point of 165, and members of the secret society like, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Frankie Muniz, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Clinton, and more. It's classified.

Relations with Wikipedia[edit]

When Wikipedia (Uncyclopedia's enemy) was created, Krelboynes decide to create good facts to overthrow the average and stupid people with ssssoooooooooooo mmmmmaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyy infomation, it can destroy beer and partying. Also, there are people who hide their intelligence with normal and stupid people like Lauren Conrad, Michael Jackson and Shia Leabuff. Wikipedia plans to mobilize to overthrow the internet world with their LLLLiiiiiiiEEEES!

Relations with USA[edit]

United States had much more secret members than in Europe and South Africa. Wolverine hides his super mutant intelligence.

Krelboynes in HZ Corps.[edit]

One person from HZ Corps. was a Krelboyne member and nobody else knew and it was Andrew Cusi. Also Spock from Star Trek was a Krelboyne because of his Vulcan's intellect. The Krelboynes plan for a secret colonization to the planet Vulcan. Vulcan intellect can increase Krelboyne membership population.